Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service

Making a Referral

What are the referral criteria?

  • Aged 4 years and over

  • Registered to a Brighton & Hove GP OR is a resident in BN1, BN2, BN3, BN41

  • Not currently engaged with other mental health services (e.g. secondary care, crisis team)

Patients do not have to be registered with a GP surgery, but they should be encouraged to register to ensure continuity of care.

If the patient’s GP is in Brighton and Hove but they live out of area, and due to this will struggle to attend appointments with the Wellbeing Service, they should be encouraged to register with a GP local to their place of residence to allow them to access their local mental health service (Health in Mind in East Sussex, and Time to Talk in West Sussex).

If a child or young person (aged 25 and below) refers to the service as they go to school or college in Brighton & Hove, but does not fit the above criteria, they should be signposted to the Youth Advice Centre (YAC). YAC can be accessed via the Support and Advice drop-in Mon-Fri, 3pm-6pm, or alternatively by calling on 01273 624432.

How do I refer my patient?

You can refer your patient directly using your GP form, or, even better, by using our referral forms on the right of this page. Patients (or their parents) can self-refer using the same forms, or call us to request a paper copy by post.

What happens next?

Our administrators will contact the person or their family (according to age) by letter, email or phone call, to arrange an initial assessment. Assessments are either by telephone or face-to-face at a location suitable for the individual.

What contact can a GP expect from the service?

We will write to you after the initial assessment to let you know the outcome and any treatment offered. If your patient is treated in the service, we will write again when they are discharged.

If, during the course of a patient’s treatment there are any changes, i.e. risk or the type of treatment offered, we will inform you of this also.

We will not communicate with the GP if the patient does not consent to this information being shared, unless there are specific risks issues which warrant a breach of confidentiality.