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The CWS therapeutic groups programme is developed to meet a wide range of needs and interests of young people in Brighton and Hove, from 4 – 25 year olds.

The groups are all therapeutic in nature, but offer a variety of approaches and areas of focus, from life skills, mind and body, to art and play, and the outdoors. They aim to be accessible to a wide range of young people, including young carers, young parents, refugees, excluded young people, and young people with learning difficulties.

Groups will include music videos, cooking, graphic novels, natural horsemanship, lego, circus skills, grafitti, photography, storytelling, CBT, mindfulness, yoga, and bushcraft.

2018 Groups

+ Cooking with Confidence

Learn to cook delicious food and shop on a budget in a friendly and supportive environment.

Over 4 weeks, you will prepare, cook and eat a whole range of recipes with Masterchef quarter-finalist Ingrid Wakeling. You will meet like-minded people and be shown how to make healthy, affordable and delicious food in a friendly, supported space. You will get to experiment with lots of different kinds of cooking and tastes, from the UK, India, Mexico and China. You will come away with lots of new skills and a collection of recipe cards for you to use at home.

+ Photography

Putting into words how we feel can be really difficult; sometimes there are no words. Creating narratives through photography aims to teach people skills in how to express feelings through imagery either as a single, stand-alone photograph or as a picture series. This imagery can be created on any camera including a phone camera – the course is less about technical ability (although this will be touched upon) but is more about the construction of the image and the messages that are communicated.

This 6 week course will combine a mixture of group teaching and discussion, group shooting on location and Photoshop editing. At the end of the course it is hoped that you will have a well thought out set of 10 images that explore feelings and emotions, or stand alone, and can be exhibited at either the Brighton Open Houses or the Brighton Biennial Photography festival or both.

+ Mindful Movement

Learn how to deal with the stresses and frustrations of everyday life through the use of mindfulness meditation and movement through yoga in a safe and supportive group. Often in life we can become so worried about what is happening in the future that we often forget to be present in the here and now. These sessions will help you to understand the mind and body so that you can notice when you are becoming overwhelmed with the future rather than ‘being’ in the present.

Through a number of mindfulness techniques linked in with a yoga sequence we will be supporting you to find ways to help you be mindfully aware and help you to deal with anxiety, low mood, stress and have a more positive approach to life. You will be encouraged to take this learning into your life with resources for accessing mindfulness meditations and yoga sequences in the comfort of your own home. So whenever you are feeling like you need to re-connect with the body and mind you can do so with support and ease. This will be embedded with positive thought, building gratitude for ourselves and the practices that we’ll be learning together.

+ Graphic Novels

You’ll create a graphic novel anthology that is a collection of individual stories illustrated by sequenced panels or pages using a combination of words and images.

During this 6 week course, you will learn the art of storytelling, drawing on your personal experience to create your story, in a safe and supported environment. You will get to experiment with different roles of author, artist, illustrator and editor, and build a friendship group who share similar experiences and interests.

+ Graffitti

You’ll be taken through the process of ‘Street-Style' mural… from pre-piece planning of their conceptual idea to spray painting. The group will get involved in the mural design at every stage and learn a range of graffiti techniques along the way.

This is an engaging, practical introduction to graff-art techniques such as developing basic drawing skills, sketching, spray-painting and stencilling. A chance to share ideas, collaborate and engage in peer-to-peer praise, rather than peer pressure. There will be a boost to your self-confidence that comes with having an idea and seeing it brought to life.

+ Sleep hygiene, DBT, CBT social anxiety, gardening/ bushcraft, Lego

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