Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service

E-wellbeing online counselling (age 13+)

Counselling for children & young people in Brighton & Hove, provided by YMCA DownsLink Group and the Wellbeing Service.

The CYP (Children and Young People) part of the Wellbeing Service is delivered by YMCA DownsLink Group.

what is e-wellbeing?

Online counselling works in a similar way to face-to-face counselling. It can support people who are feeling low, anxious or stressed to understand more about how they are feeling, identify any causes for their feelings and make plans to cope and feel better.

The main difference is that you work with a qualified counsellor online instead of meeting someone face to face, so you can access counselling from your own home.

When you access our e-wellbeing service you are given a log in to a secure website. In that platform no one else can see that you’ve logged in except for our e-wellbeing team and all of your information is safe.

You are connected with a counsellor in the site so that you can message each other and you can access a range of different tools in the site to help with your feelings.

who is E-wellbeing for?

Young people aged 13+ who may benefit from online counselling for a range of reasons. These could be:

  • They don't want to see someone face-to-face

  • They prefer to access support at home, where they are comfortable

  • They would struggle to travel to weekly appointments

  • They would prefer to write their feelings down