Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service

Emotional Wellbeing Support (age 11+)

Emotional wellbeing support for children & young people in Brighton & Hove, provided by YMCA DownsLink Group and the Wellbeing Service.

The CYP (Children and Young People) part of the Wellbeing Service is delivered by YMCA DownsLink Group.

What is emotional wellbeing support?

Our Emotional Health & Wellbeing workers offer short-term, early intervention work. This work is non-clinical, skills-based and provides a mix of advice, guidance and psychoeducation around mental health needs such as anxiety, stress and low-level self-harm.

Who is it for?

Young people aged 11-25 with mild mental health needs who do not require a full course of counselling/therapy.

They may need some skills-based work or guidance to prevent a further decline in their mental health and it is appropriate for them to engage in a short-term intervention of up to 4 sessions.