Brighton and Hove Wellbeing Service

Community Team

What we offer

The Community Team offers a range of advice and information services, delivered by Mind in Brighton and Hove, to help support you in looking after your mental health.  

We can help you find practical support and help and provide information on additional support and services which you may be able to access.



Accessing advice and information can be an important step in looking after your mental health and wellbeing. We provide advice and information to anyone living in Brighton and Hove who wants support about their own mental health, as well as for parents, family members and carers who want to discuss concerns over someone they care for. We also provide information to workers who are seeking information on behalf of someone they are supporting.

You can access our advice team at Mind in Brighton and Hove by calling or emailing the Wellbeing service, or, if you're currently accessing the service, your clinician/practitioner can refer you. An adviser will contact you to discuss your needs and work with you to identify the advice, support and information you are looking for. This could include:

  • Information on types of mental health conditions and treatment options

  • Information on local mental health and wellbeing services and how to access them

  • Resources on how to look after your mental health including self management materials, online resources and self help groups

  • Support with finding out about other services or activities that can help support your wellbeing, including peer support and practical help

  • Information on how to access legal advice and information on your rights

You can also access online Advice and Information, including an online directory, via the Mind in Brighton and Hove Advice and Information website.



The Employment Advisors provides a range of support, advice and information to help people manage their work and learning needs. The service is open to those receiving support and treatment within the Wellbeing service.

We offer advice if you are currently working and may be looking for support on your rights and how to look after your mental health in the workplace. Or if you are off sick from work and would like help to plan your return or consider other options.

We can also support you if you are interested in starting work, and want to identify opportunities for volunteering, or to find out about training or courses.

Support we offer includes:

  • Advice about discussing your mental health needs with an employer and/or colleagues,

  • Help to identify the causes of workplace stress, and how to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

  • Support to develop an individual plan for managing mental health at work, using a Wellness Recovery Action Plan.

  • Information on your rights under the Equality Act and the responsibilities of an employer

  • Information on ‘reasonable adjustments’ in the workplace

  • Support to consider longer term plans and help to access careers advice services

  • Help to consider and identify your interests, skills, and readiness for work or learning, and work out an individual plan.

  • Help to identify appropriate courses, training and/or voluntary work.

To access the service speak to your therapist or practitioner who can make a referral for you.